About JVWebsites.com

JVWebsites.com is owned by Bizmaker Domains, Inc a Florida corporation located in Largo, on the states west coast. Bizmaker Domains, Inc owns and operates hundreds of domains and websites. The majority stockholder is Onyx Oil Corp which has plans to joint venture, lease or sell a majority of the company's Internet properties starting in April, 2014.

The Company provides an array of tools and services and is a one-stop-shop for domain acquisition, website hosting, website templates, merchant services, marketing services and private and public company consulting.

For the past sixteen years principals of the Company have been developing ecommerce websites and companies and are currently structuring Bizmaker Domains, Inc for a major Internet push..

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Our Creative Team

Anthony Edward Hawkins
Project manager and head of international leasing and joint ventures, specializing in gaming related properties. [Placeholder Photo]

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Experienced, dedicated, professional and entrepreneurial!

Our Skills

Adobe Photoshop, MS FrontPage, Dreamweaver , PHP, Java Script
We first started working with MS FrontPage and Adobe Photoshop in 1998. Our early website development consisted of a combination of MS FrontPage, MS Word and Adobe Photoshop for images. With the development of PHP we added Dreamweaver to our development suite of tools. While we do not create JavaScript, we use it with many of our website applications.

Flash, Wordpress, MS Expression Web, Ecommerce
Ecommerce has been one of the biggest breakthroughs over the past twenty years. From books and downloadeds in its early existence, to now full blown international ecommerce of almost any product or service, we have continued to immerse our company in the growing industry. We have scaled back our usage of flash. Wordpress is another one of our expertise, as well as MS Expression Web.

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